Philosophy of Mind

Dynamical Emergence of the Mind

Emergentism As you begin reading this, consider momentarily how you initially perceived the screen in front of you. For the sake of the following argument, I will assume that at no point did you initially perceive the screen as a conglomeration of light and dark areas, arranged to convey no particular meaning. Presumably, you perceived it as a singular thing, an extension of the author’s ideas on the topic of emergentism.

Emergentism and the Extended Mind Theory

The human dependence upon sensory perception deceives the individual into assuming that spatial separation from an object, necessarily renders it as distinct from the individual mind. This article details the history and general theories of emergentism and the extended mind. British Emergentism The theory of emergentism has roots dating as far back to John Stuart Mill. Mill kick-started emergentism with his work in System of Logic. He argued that heteropathic emergence is the result of physiological interactions.